About Me

I am a specialist in freelance development and online marketing. My specialties include: SEO, Google Ads development, Conversion rates, and custom development for WordPress and Shopify. Simply put, I help individuals with online businesses thrive.

As a freelancer, I work with people starting their journey into online business, or those who already have an established online business. My services are budget-friendly and high quality.

If you lack the technical knowledge to do something on your site, or you simply don’t have time to work on it, that’s where I come in. I may not be an agency, but that doesn’t mean that I lack the necessary skills or resources to help you. I have the same kind of orientation and experience that other agencies have.

Since I’m a solo freelancer, I mostly take on small and quick tasks that can be handled by an individual. However, when I do work on large projects, I usually collaborate with other freelance experts in the different fields to guarantee maximum quality. You can trust that I have proven professional experience to handle all of your requests without pressure. I call my services the “E-shop Clinique- an economical solution to your online needs. Trusted help within your means.”

Benefits I Offer

I am an outsource freelancer for small online businesses that don’t have the capability of hiring an agency. With my services, you can be guaranteed of increased sales, new prospects, and brand promotion through minimized costs and custom solutions to store problems.

My costs are affordable and transparent. Don’t go for agencies that have vague pricing lacking any real solutions to your store issues.

My Strengths Are:

  • I create an awesome and lasting impression on any individual business owner
  • Years of experience in online and digital marketing, thus able to increase brand engagement and reach, increasing daily turnover.
  • Cooperation with creatives in all manner of fields, design, lifestyle, foods, among others.
  • Experience in Shopify- from tailor-fit solutions to complete theme development
  • Long-established relations based on professional trust
  • I understand the needs of small online businesses
  • I’m a certified digital and online marketer

Customer Classification

I classify my clients into three different classifications:

  1. Those who are just starting out their first store and are struggling with website or store development
  2. Those who have already started but are unable or unsure of how to add more functionality to their website or store.
  3. Those who are struggling to attract traffic to their store and maintain positive ROIs on their Google Ad Spends.

What you will get if you decide to go with my services:

  • Increased productivity. My results are real-time and you can get in touch with me anytime for training or expert assistance.
  • Convenience and dedication. I work alone, so you can be sure that you will get access to affordable and dedicated personal assistance.
  • My services are quite affordable. That means you save more money on maintenance or external support.
  • Risk Minimization. You have the benefit of having an expert with proven experience and understanding of online marketing by your side.
  • Improved brand image. I give your brand a better design image on both mobile and desktop platforms.
  • High quality work at very affordable rates. You don’t have to take out a loan to hire me.